Mars Hydro 4 Inch Inline Duct Fan And Carbon Filter Combo With Speed Controller


  • Fan/Filter/Duct Size: 4 Inch
  • Airflow: 205CFM
  • Noise: 28dBA
  • Controller Type: Speed Controller

With a 4” inline fan rated for 205CFM, an activated carbon filter with Australian charcoal, and a knob controller applied to allow easy switching and adjustment of the fan speed, the Mars Hydro 4 inch inline duct fan and carbon filter combo offers you everything you need to set up the ventilation in a grow tent. A good ventilation setup for grow tents measuring up to 3×3 feet.



Package Includes: 4″ Inline Duct Fan with a knob Speed Controller, 4″ Carbon Filter, 2 Hanging Straps, 33-ft-long Flexible Ducting, and 3 Duct Clamps.

Quiet Ventilation Fan For Indoor Grow: The Mars Hydro 4″ inline duct fan is rated for max 205CFM, sufficient for grow tents or grow rooms measuring up to 3×3 ft. With a knob fan speed controller, the inline fan speed can be adjusted from the lowest to the highest by a simple turn of the knob. Featuring an EC-powered motor and a mixed-flow design, the Mars Hydro inline fan is quiet enough to run at full power with only 28 dBA of noise.

Efficient Carbon Filter For Grow Tents: Designed for efficient air filtration, the inner core of the Mars Hydro carbon filter was made of 1050+ Australian activated charcoal, eliminating undesirable odors, pungent smells, and particulates from indoor grow tents. The double-sided galvanized steel mesh provides 53% of the open area for airflow to pass through, so that the odor absorption and chemicals elimination process can be carried out thoroughly. (The carbon filter was covered by a prefilter cloth; do not remove it when using)

Durable Flexible Ducting & Connecting Accessories: This ventilation kit is paired with a 33-ft-long PVC thermoplastic flexible duct tube to direct the air in and out properly, durable and easy to use. With 2 adjustable hanging straps and 3 duct clamps to easily connect the inline fan, carbon filter, and ducting tube, the whole ventilation kit gets all the necessary parts to ventilate and filtrate indoor grow tents and grow rooms.

Best Partner For Grow Tent Environment Control: The Mars Hydro 4 inch inline duct fan and carbon filter combo ventilation kit is capable of ventilating and filtrating a 2×2 grow tent, a 2.3×2.3 grow tent, or a 3×3 grow tent, the best partner to control your grow environment with fresh cool air.


Draw Power 25W
Carbon Filter Size 9000mm(length)X100mm(diameter)
Airflow 205CFM
Noise 28dBA
Voltage AC 110-240V
Fan Controller Speed Controller
Dimension 303mm*202mm*190mm

Mars SP 6500 - 650W LED Grow Light

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Knowledge Base

Can you attach a carbon filter directly to a fan?

One other option is to directly connect your carbon filter to your inline fan if you’re not using a grow light hood. The idea is any amount of air leaving your grow build must pass through your carbon filter so that odor does not spread.

Do inline fans push or pull air better?

Inline fans are generally more effective at pushing air through ducting, as opposed to pulling air. Therefore, especially for long sections of ducting, position the fan at the inlet end, not the outlet

How safe are carbon filters?

Are Activated Carbon Filters Safe? Yes. Activated carbon filters and air purifiers that use a PM 2.5 activated carbon filter are safe for use in commercial and residential spaces. Moreover, activated carbon filters are effective at removing volatile organic compounds commonly found in most households.

Is it better to push or pull air through a carbon filter?

Bottom Line: Controlled tests found no benefit of putting the air filter on the back (pulling) compared to the front (pushing).

How much does a carbon filter reduce airflow?

It is wise to factor in a 10% -25% drop in airflow due to the resistance of pulling through the carbon filter. Just remember, if you are running an exhaust system, DO NOT choose a fan that will exceed the exhaust rating of your filter.

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