June 28, 2020

UV-C Disinfection Systems

Facility managers are increasingly adopting UV disinfectant technology due to its various benefits compared to conventional chlorine disinfection systems. Unlike chlorine disinfectant systems, UV disinfectant technology systems are easy to store and install and offers a chemical-free system.

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An ultraviolet light may help fight spread of novel coronavirus

As the director of the Center of Radiological Research at Columbia University, Brenner has been studying ultraviolet light, also known as UV light, as a potentially life-saving weapon against the spread of viruses.

Can UV light kill Coronavirus?

As society hunkers down in an attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19, commonly known as the coronavirus, people are taking stringent precautions to keep themselves from catching the disease, including self-quarantining and disinfecting commonly touched surfaces. As such, hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, and other disinfectants are currently in short supply.

Your questions on Coronavirus, answered

UV light can inactivate bacteria and viruses under certain conditions, and UV radiation has been used to disinfect various things, such as drinking water, air, and titanium implants, Schmidt says. But to date she has “found no quality scientific studies showing that sunlight actually kills coronavirus,” and there are no guidelines on how it might be used on various surfaces or in different settings and temperatures.


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