June 12, 2017

About Brightway LED Lighting


At the turn of the last century, the world transitioned from from gas lamps to the incandescent light bulb. Early in this new century, advances in LED lighting technology are driving the next great transition from costly incandescent lighting to reliable, energy efficient LED lighting. Brightway LED Lighting is here to help you enjoy the rewards of the solid state lighting revolution. We connect you with established global LED lighting brands and work with you through every step in the conversion process, from conception through implementation. Additionally, we provide resources to help you estimate your cost and energy savings and understand your ROI before you change your first light bulb. Our advanced computer aided design tools also help you visualize your new lighting environment with luminous intensity illustrations, engineering diagrams and more.


Beyond delivering significant cost savings, LED lighting reduces global energy consumption and reduces our dependence on fossil fuels. Our collective efforts help reduce energy demand, mitigate pollution and minimize our impact on the environment.


You have many choices when it comes to LED lighting products. We want to earn your business and your long term trust by providing you with the only most reliable, highest performing products at the most competitive prices, backed by an industry leading warranty. Our manufacturing partners are global leaders in the LED lighting industry who meet stringent ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards and are listed by internationally recognized quality and safety certification laboratories.