February 29, 2024

Smart Grow Rack System

Everything you need in one package!

Introducing the GK Series G18 rolling grow rack system – an affordable solution that  integrates everything you’ll need for successful indoor cultivation.

  • Rolling grow rack – 6 bays max per row (with G16 top lighting).
  • Flexible top light options (G16 or any popular brand) – 2.66 μmol/J at 1640 per tier.
  • Smart electric lifting system – LED light height can be adjusted from 570mm to 1220mm
  • Ventilation system – Ensures consistent micro-climate to delivery consistent yield


Rolling Grow Rack

Main Rack Dimensions 9.02’L x 4.0’W x 10.96’H
Main Rack Weight 880 lbs
Auxiliary Rack Dimensions 8.2’L x 4.0’W x 10.96’H
Auxiliary Rack Weight 665 lbs
Single Tier Dimensions 8.2’L x 4.0’W x 4.6’H
Per Bay 2 Tiers
Load Weight of Each Layer 2205 lbs
ABS Plastic Planting Trays Dimensions 7.41’L x 3.95’W x 0.2’H
Planting Trays Drain Diameter 0.2FT
Warranty 3 years

LED Top Lighting

Input Wattage 820W (4X) per bay
Input Voltage AC220-277V  50/60Hz
PPF (Light Output +/- 5%) 2105 µmol/s
PPE 2.66 µmol/J
Dimming Control 0-10V control panel dimming
IP Rating Wet location
Dimensions 3.73′ x 3.65′ x 0.16′
Weight 15.1 lbs
Ambient Temperature 14° – 104° F
Warranty 3 years

Single Layer  Smart Electric Lifting

LED Light Minimum Height 1.84FT
LED Light Adjustable Height From 1.87FT to 4.0FT
Lifting System Load Capacity 800N
Lifting System Input Voltage AC100-240V  50/60Hz
Lifting System Input  Power 80W
Lifting Constant Speed 33mm/s
Anti-Collision Yes
Power Consumption 0.3W
Lifting System IP Rating Damp Location
Ambient Temperature 14° – 104° F
Lifting System Relative Humidity 20% – 80% at 86° F
Certifications UL Listed
Warranty 3 years

Ventilation System

Fan Input Wattage 70W per bay
Fan Input Voltage AC110-240V  50/60Hz
Air Volume 487-590m³/h
Adjustable Fan Speed 2545-3080rpm
Lifting System Relative Humidity 20%-80% at 86°F
MERV Filter Dimensions 23.42″ x 23.42″ x 0.78″
Diameter of Air Outlet Connection 0.2FT (Φ60mm)
Diameter of Air Inlet Connection 0.5FT (Φ150mm)
Quantity of Air Guide Tubes Per Tier 2 pcs
Ventilation System Dimensions 7.53′ x 0.2′ x 0.66′
Ventilation System Adjustable Height From 1.47FT to 3.12FT by every 0.32FT
Ambient Temperature 14° – 104° F
Certifications ETL listed
Warranty 3 years

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