June 1, 2018


Introducing a new way to illuminate interior spaces.  EWINDOW patented design integrates a 3D simulated sky scene, synchronized to the patterns of natural sunlight throughout the day, adjusting for seasons, latitude and ambient light conditions to emulate an exterior window.  Settings are easily adjusted using a wall mounted control panel, smartphone app or DALI controls.  Perfect for office, hotel, retail, healthcare, school, underground and home use.


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EWINDOW is a brand new lighting product, follows the features of daylight, presents a very natural scene of blue sky, clear clouds and bright sunshine. It perfectly integrates the latest LED technology, optical design and intelligent control systems. It’s designed to be a panel light, easy to operate and mount. We believe it will bring you a unique lighting experience-daylighting.


Cloud & Blue Sky View

Special LEDs are used to light up the sky and clouds, then transform them into a translucent 3D image, so the performance of the EWINDOW simulates a real sky and clouds.  For those who prefer the pure blue sky, we also provide the EWINDOW with a very clear blue sky and its infinite depth to reproduce the true effect of the light and space outdoor.



Dozens of lens groups and micro structures are used to collocate the light and filter the stray light, after several optical tranformations. The light behaves like natural sunlight, with high brightness and visual orientation. Light and shade are clearly distinguished by the edge of projected lighting.


Blue Sky

The optimized LEDs illuminate the pure blue sky, and transform them into a translucent 3D visual appearance, presenting a clear blue sky and its infinite depth. It casts sharp and clear shadows, and enables the unattainable refreshing blue of the sky into the room.



The EWINDOW system can be controlled wall mounted control panel, an APP or via the Dali system.  All are simple to set up and easy to use.

Control Panel APP Dali System


Mounting Frames

Choose from recessed or surface mounting frames or custom build your own surrounds.

Recessed Mounting Frame Surface Mounting Frame


Application Images

Office Hotel Schools
Healthcare Commercial Underground

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