April 9, 2019

LED Horticultural Lighting

Brightway LED Lighting offers a wide selection of professional grade LED grow lights designed for indoor agricultural operations.  LED lights give growers the ability to cultivate maximum yields while saving energy, maximizing efficiency and reducing ambient heat.

High Times

Is It Time For LED Grow Lights?

With more and more states legalizing, cannabis cultivators and connoisseurs are turning to LED grow lights in significant numbers for their indoor grows. Is this a fad or is LED technology the future of indoor growing?

As more indoor growers can produce a top-shelf product, the tide has turned in favor of the LEDs. Here we provide some critical considerations so you can choose wisely when investing in LED grow lights.

Advantages Of LEDs

By now most growers know the benefits of using LEDs for indoor growing—no scorching hot grow bulbs, lower power bills, healthier plants with superb taste and scent. The jury is still out on some other benefits, such as the LEDs’ ability to deter pests and bacteria.

What we do know is that LEDs are an excellent way to substitute away from energy-intensive HPS and metal halide bulbs; that is only if your light can produce enough of a harvest.

Popular Products

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