12W – 30W Selectable LED Architectural Wall Pack Light with Photocell AC120-277V


LED Selectable Full Cutoff Wall Pack series can be widely used in indoor or outdoor lighting (wet location). Ideal for warehouse, industrial, retail shopping centers, schools, universities, corporate campuses, hospitals, office buildings and parking garages.

  • Lumileds LED, high luminous efficiency and long working life.
  • High efficiency LED Driver, the wide range input voltage AC120-277V/AC
  • Excellent optics design, greatly improve the light utilization and evenness
  • Cast Aluminum design, better cooling, light quality, LED Tj <85℃
  • Photocell control available (Standard)
  • 1-10V Dimming.



  • Power: 12W / 18W / 24W / 30W
  • Input: AC 120-277V
  • CCT: 3000K /4000K / 5000K
  • Output: 12W 1603 LM / 1693 LM / 1675 LM
                  18W 2291 LM / 2483 LM / 2451 LM
                  24W 2966 LM / 3202 LM / 3155 LM
                  30W 3648 LM / 3879 LM / 3698 LM
  • Driver: KERHAM


Wattage 12W / 18W / 24W / 30W
  • 12W 1603 LM / 1693 LM / 1675 LM
  • 18W 2291 LM / 2483 LM / 2451 LM
  • 24W 2966 LM / 3202 LM / 3155 LM
  • 30W 3648 LM / 3879 LM / 3698 LM
  • 12W 134 lm/W (3000K) / 142 lm/W (4000K) / 140 lm/W (5000K)
  • 18W 130 lm/W (3000K) / 140 lm/W (4000K) / 136 lm/W (5000K)
  • 24W 126 lm/W (3000K) / 136 lm/W (4000K) / 130 lm/W (5000K)
  • 30W 121 lm/W (3000K) / 132 lm/W (4000K) / 125 lm/W (5000K)
CCT 3000K, 4000K, 5000K
CRI >70
Input Voltage 120-277VAC / 277-480VAC
Lighting Angle Type V: 100.4 °X 91.6°
Factory Settings 30W & 4000K
Power Factor >0.90
Working Temperature -22ºF ~ 113ºF
Driver Efficacy >90%
Outdoor Rating Wet location
Cable 5 core,18AWG (11.8 inch)
Lifespan >50000 hours
Warranty 5 years limited

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Knowledge Base

What are wall pack lights?

Wall pack lights are lights that are fixed to a building’s exterior and they are normally on a wall that faces outwards from a building. These lights help to create visibility in outdoor areas and spaces. Wall pack lights are not necessarily mounted to one specific height.

What are the different types of Commercial LED Wall Pack Lights?

Traditional Commercial LED Wall Pack Lights offer wide beam spread because of a more open design and wider lens. Mini Commercial LED Wall Pack Lights are a smaller size and narrow beam spread. Architectural Commercial LED Wall Pack Lights come in a variety of shapes and finishes. This wall pack is ideal when the look of the fixture is as important and the powerful illumination that it provides. Cut off Commercial LED Wall Pack Lights offer a more focused downward beam. These are ideal for locations where light spill needs to be limited.

Where are Commercial LED Wall Pack Lights used?

Wall Pack Lights are used in many exterior locations. They may be mounted on the side of a building or structure to help illuminate a path or walkway. They can also help provide security by providing light outside of these structures.

How long do LED wall packs last?

Once LED wall packs are installed, they’re designed to last over 76,000 hours – that’s almost 9 years of maintenance-free operation, when used 24/7.

How many lumens do I need for a wall pack?

Medium Lumens (3,300 to 7100) – The most common lumen range, lights in this category are used for the majority of wall pack applications and usually offer the most options.

How often should LED lights be replaced?

Most LED bulbs boast a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, which means that you may not have to splash out on LED replacement bulbs for up to 10 years after your original purchase. Incandescent bulbs and halogen bulbs will probably only last for 1000 – 2000 hours, compared to up to 100,000 hours for dimmable LEDs.

Is it OK to leave LED lights on all night?

To put it simply, well-manufactured LED lights are extremely long-lasting and can be left on 24 hours, 7 days a week. This is because, unlike conventional types of light, LEDs produce minimal amounts of heat, which means they are unlikely to overheat or set on fire.

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