Solar LED Area Light – 50W


The LS Series Solar LED Street Light with mono-crystalline solar panel, LED lights, lithium battery and intelligent controller integrated into an aluminum alloy shell. All in one motion sensor and light sensor are built in: LED activates at dusk at 15% brightness and increases from 15% brightness to 100% when motion is detected.



  • Zero cost lighting – goes anywhere with sun exposure
  • Operates on three intelligent modes
    • Bright
    • Dim
    • Recharge
  • Deep Cycle battery, charges and discharges over 500 times. Can work 3-4 continuous rainy days when in intelligent mode.
  • Street lighting, area lighting, pathway lighting, parking lots.  Pole mounted 12’ – 16’H.


Housing Die-cast aluminum alloy, anti-corrosion
Solar Panel Monocrystalline silicon
Battery 18650 Lithium, 20 Ah
Beam Angle 150º x 70º
Power 50W
Solar Panel Voltage 18V
Battery Voltage 12V
Operating Time Full Power >12 hrs
Operating Time Intelligent Mode 3-4 days
Controls Photocell, microwave motion detector
Working Mode First 4 Hours 30% Standby, 100% When Motion Detected
Working Mode Next 4 Hours 20% Standby, 60% When Motion Detected
Lumen Output 5000lm
CCT 5700K
Lifespan 30,000 hrs
Replaces 200W HID
Enclosure Protection IP65
Warranty 5 Years

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Knowledge Base

Are solar parking lot lights worth the investment?

With no carbon emissions, nothing to burn, no power to consume (other than solar power, obviously), solar parking lot lights are worth the investment because they save companies and cities several thousands of dollars while reducing our overall carbon footprint.

Which lighting is best for parking lots?

LED shoebox lights are a great lighting source for many different applications like parking lots, roads, and highways. Ensuring people’s safety is paramount and is easily attained with shoebox light fixtures.

Do solar lights work on cloudy days?

The short answer is – yes! Although direct sunlight is key to charging solar panels, they continue to charge even on cloudy, overcast days.

Can I leave solar lights out in winter?

Solar lights will still work in the winter, so long as there is plenty of sunlight to charge the devices. LED Solar lights are quite beneficial in any season, including winter. It doesn’t matter if it’s snowing or icing; as long as the lights can plenty of sun to completely charge, they will work when you need them to.

Do solar lights work when there is no sun?

As above solar lights still work in the shade without sun but for the best performance, no matter the time of year, solar panels should be angled directly at the sun with nothing in the way to diffuse the light.

How long will a solar light stay on?

How long do solar lights stay on at night? Most solar lights run between 6 and10 hours on a full battery charge. This is purposefully designed so that lights can run all night after a day of average sunlight.

How dark does it have to be for solar lights?

As the name indicates, solar lights need sunlight for a maximum to provide illumination. It is recommended that you need to give direct sunlight for 4 to 10 hours. 4 hours of sunlight can give a charge of up to 6 hours. You can have up to 15 hours of charge with direct sunlight of 8 hours.

How many hours do solar lights need to charge?

How long does it take to charge solar lights? It usually takes about eight hours for solar lights to fully charge. However, this may vary depending on the type of light and how much sunlight it is exposed to.

Why does my outdoor solar light stay on during the day?

The solar light’s sensor is one of the major reasons why most solar lights come on during the day. As outdoor solar lights are exposed in harsh and dusty conditions, there is a huge possibility that your sensor is blocked with dust.

Can I leave my solar lights out all winter?

So the short answer is yes, as solar lights are waterproof they can be left outside all year round.

Do solar lights work when there is no sun?

Solar lights still work in the shade without sun but for the best performance, no matter the time of year, solar panels should be angled directly at the sun with nothing in the way to diffuse the light.

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