State of the Lighting Market

It’s no secret that different plant growth stages require different lighting strategies. While nearly all research participants agree on the PAR levels needed during various growth stages, little consensus exists as to which lighting strategy is best for each stage. While cultivators’ lighting preferences still vary, however, this year’s research showed an increase in the Read more about State of the Lighting Market[…]

How Green Light Affects Plant Growth

In LED horticultural lighting, red and blue wavelengths were thought to be the only part of the spectrum that drove photosynthesis because chlorophylls are receptive to those colors. New research now reveals that previously dismissed green light can also drive plant growth. Fluence Bioengineering’s chief innovation scientist Dung Duong explains the new data. Read more Read more about How Green Light Affects Plant Growth[…]

The Impact of Light Intensity and Spectrum-Tuning on Cannabis Yields

Because cannabis only recently became legal in a few regions of the world, it is common to see cannabis growers, even large commercial growers, embracing production strategies that have not been validated through rigorous scientific experiments. Rather, many conventions have been transmitted across the industry by means like word-of-mouth and internet forums. Lighting is an Read more about The Impact of Light Intensity and Spectrum-Tuning on Cannabis Yields[…]