65W LED Slim Canopy Light


The WSD Series LED Slim Canopy Lighting series can be widely used for indoor or outdoor lighting (wet location), like industrial/warehouse, retail, gas stations, schools, office buildings, sports venues, roadways and greenhouses etc.

  • Lumileds LED, high luminous efficiency and long working life
  • High efficiency LED Driver, the wide range input voltage
  • Excellent optics design, greatly improve the light utilization
    and evenness
  • Motion sensor control available (Optional)
  • 1-10V DC Dimming (Optional



  • Power: 65W
  • Input: AC 120-277V
  • CCT:4000K
  • Output: 8775 LM
  • Light Source: Lumileds
  • Driver: KERHAM


Wattage 65W
Lumens 875 lm
Efficacy 135 lm/W
Color Temperature (CCT) 4000K, 5000K
CRI 70
Input Voltage 120-277V
Power Factor 0.95
Driver Efficacy 90%
Dimming 1-10V dimming
Light Angle 130°
Lifespan 75,000 hours
Working Temperature -22ºF ~ 113ºF
Storage Temperature -40ºF ~ 176ºF
Outdoor Rating Wet location
Cable Input connect, 0.3m
Warranty 5 years limited

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Knowledge Base

What is garage and canopy lighting?

Parking garage lighting and canopy lighting are terms used to describe both outdoor lighting and indoor lighting that is commonly surface, pendant, or recessed-mounted to a structure’s ceiling, soffit, or overhang. This type of lighting is generally used to provide illumination to areas for vehicle and pedestrian use.

What are Canopy lights?

Canopy lights are often mounted outdoors, under an overhang. These fixtures light the area below them. They can be fitted with clear lenses that focus the light or frosted lenses that diffuse the light, reducing glare and illuminating a wider area. They are durable and oftentimes, weather and tamper resistant.

What are the benefits of LED Canopy lights?

There are numerous benefits to LED Canopy lights. The LED Canopy light is more energy efficient than HID alternatives, turns on instantly and can handle extreme temperatures. LED fixtures generally have a slimmer profile and are easily mounted in a number of locations.

What is LED canopy?

LED Canopy Light features innovative lenses, specifically designed for applications such as parking structures with low mounting heights to provide uniform vertical and horizontal light distribution with reduced glare, illuminating your parking area with effective light levels.

What size LED light for a garage?

The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Lighting Handbook recommends 50 lumens (a measure of light output) per square foot in residential garages and 300 lumens per square foot in workshop areas.

What kind of lights do gas stations use?

The main type of LED lighting that gas stations often utilize is canopy lighting. LED gas station canopy lights are often installed in canopies that cover the gas pumps.

Why do gas stations have bright lights?

A well-lit canopy also gives a feeling of safety and security when pumping gas at night that most customers expect. In fact, most customer will pass up a poorly lit gas canopy in favor of a brighter one, so this area directly impacts your business. This is where canopy lights come in and save the day!

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