LED High Temperature High Bay Light – 200W


MS Series High Temperature High Bay Light, which is applied to ambient high temperature working area where operation temperature may reach 158℉(70°C), such as steel plant, aluminum smelter, and other high-temperature, dust, corrosive gas environments.




The HB Series high heat resistant lights combine optical performance energy efficiency and outstanding versatility to meet the requirements of high temperature lighting applications in high-temperature, dust, corrosive gas environment, delivering a wide range of light outputs.  The enclosure body is made of aluminum with corrosion-resistant coating which protects against overheating damage


Power 200W
Input Voltage AC127-270V /AC347-480V, 50/60Hz
Efficacy 150lm/W
Beam Angle 20°, 120°
 CRI >70
CCT 2200K-7000K
Ambient Temperature -40℉ to + 158℉(-40℃ to +70℃)
IP Rating IP66/IP67
LED Chip 5050/3535/3030
Warranty 5 years

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Knowledge Base

What temperature can LED lights withstand?

Temperature – The heat-resistant LED light fixtures should be rated to meet or exceed temperatures of at least 80°C/176°F. Heat rises. If the ambient temperature is high at the work surface, the temperature is much higher up by the ceiling where the lights are mounted.Jun 21, 2023

Does heat ruin LED lights?

The most significant impact overheating has on LEDs is to reduce their lifespan dramatically. Excessive heat causes thermal stress on the LED’s components, such as the solder joints and circuit boards, leading to early failure. This results in costly repairs and replacements for end users.

Do high bay LED lights get hot?

Many customers think that LED high bay lights will not be as hot as incandescent lamps. In fact, this is wrong. LED high bay lights still generate heat. When electricity is converted into light energy, it is partially converted into heat energy, thus generating heat.

How do you reduce the heat of an LED?

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to reduce heat from LED lights is to ensure proper ventilation and airflow. Adequate ventilation helps dissipate heat and prevent overheating. Just as a computer’s fan cools down its components, good airflow is essential for LEDs.

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