October 24, 2023

U22 Hybrid UVC Disinfection LED Troffer

For disinfection and for lighting, the UVC disinfection lamp control system is independently controlled from the LED lamp, the disinfection lamp or LED lamp can be switched on an off independently.  System includes ozone-free UV, wireless control, built-in microwave sensor and 20 second delay start.  Kills 99.9% of mites, parasites and viruses.


  • Office Buildings
  • Hospital / Health Care Facilities
  • Schools / Universities
  • Day Care Centers
  • Churches
  • Residential / Hotels
  • Supermarkets / Retail Environments
  • Restaurants / Entertainment Centers
  • Laboratory / Research Facility

Product Features

Dual Operational Mode

Fixture serves as standard lighting when people are present in the room and can be independently switched to UVC disinfection once the room is unoccupied.

Start Up Delay to Protect Occupants

Intelligent sensor:  At star up, the main unit will count down 18 seconds.  UV tubes will not start to work if the microwave sensor detects people and pets are in the area to be illuminated, preventing injury from UVC light exposure.

Automatic Shut Down Feature

Smart sensor:  If people or pets accidentally enter the illuminated area while the device is active, the smart sensor will shut down the device immediately to protect people from exposure to UVC light.

Separate Power Control for LED and UVC

Independent control systems for UV and LED assure safe operation of the device.

Compatible With the L32 Control System

If someone enters the room unintentionally while the UV lamps are active, the lamps turn off automatically automatically when the door opens via magnetic door switch.  The L32 control system also features a key locked power switch to prevent unauthorized UVC activation.

UV Glass Lamp Protection Design

Aluminum wire guard prevents the UVC lamp from falling out if not installed securely.  I also protects the lamp tubes from damage from moving the fixture or being broken by objects striking the fixture.

Two Control Modes for UV

Normal mode with wall mounted switch and remote control with infrared hand-held remote control.


Model U22-90W-05
Wattage UVC: 50W / LED: 40W
Input Voltage 100-277VAC / 50-60Hz
Wavelength 254nm
Tube Type UVC
LED CCT 2700-5700K
LED Lumens 4200-4600LM
Dimensions 603*603*57mm
Working Temperature -10 ~ 350C
Warranty UVC: 1 year / LED 3 year
Color White

660W LED Grow Light

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Knowledge Base

What is UV-C advantage and disadvantage?

UVC lamps have thousands of hours life. This limits the need for consumable replacement and maintenance. UVC Disinfection Disadvantages. UVC light works only on surfaces within the field of view. If there are objects that prevent light from reaching the surface directly, the surface will not be disinfected sufficiently

Do UV lights really make indoor air quality better?

UV lights are an excellent defence when it comes to protecting your indoor air quality (IAQ) from bacteria. The quality of air inside your home is crucial to the health and comfort of your family, and this is true now more than ever!

Are UV-C lights worth it?

They’re inexpensive, effective, and easy to maintain, making them a no-brainer for anyone with a home HVAC system. Even if your HVAC system has a high-quality air filter, adding a UV light will help kill microorganisms and bacteria that might be small enough to slip through the filter.

Does air purifier with UV light work?

While UV air purifiers usually have a quiet operation and may be effective at removing bacteria from the air if a person uses them with HEPA filters, these devices can emit ozone. Additionally, unlike HEPA filters, UV air purifiers cannot effectively remove VOCs or other gases from the air.

Is ozone from UV-C light harmful?

Myth #6: UV-C disinfection produces ozone that can be very harmful. Some do. (But not ours). While at some wavelengths, the energy of UV light can produce ozone, this only happens at below 242 nm.

Which is better UV LED or UV-C LED?

If the application is a larger, higher flow system in continuous operation, UV lamps can have advantages to provide the best solution to end users. When it comes to compact, point-of-use appliances and purifiers, UVC LEDs provide lower costs of ownership and better alignment with design needs as compared to UV lamps.

What type of UV light kills mold?

The type of ultraviolet light that’s able to effectively get rid of mold is UV-C, which is a very short wavelength of UV light. Because of how beneficial UV light can be at the right amounts, this light is commonly used for disinfection purposes, which can include treating ballast water with UV disinfection.

Do germs glow under UV light?

The lights cause materials such as bacteria, urine, seminal fluids and blood, to “fluoresce,” so that the naked eye can detect them. Typically, UV lights are used to test surfaces especially when there is a disease outbreak or any sudden increase in occurrences of a specific disease at a particular time or place.