Detailed Report: Supermarket Saves 69% by Converting Metal Halide Lights to LED

This is a case study for Cedar Rapids Hy-Vee store (4035 Mount Vernon Road Southeast, Cedar Rapids, Iowa) parking lot lighting and Health Foods area retrofit demonstration project. Sponsored by Alliant Energy, the parking lot underwent a lighting retrofit from the existing 1000 watt Metal Halide (MH) lighting to 309 watt Light-Emitting Diode (LED) lighting technology in October 2010. Also upgraded was the Health Foods area supplemental shelf lighting from the PAR38 90 watt halogen light bulb to the 16 watt PAR38 LED light bulb. The comparison of design and actual light levels, power consumption, and energy savings are made in this report. Discussions on “before” and “after” values and comparisons to lighting guidelines from IESNA, ASHRAE and Hy-Vee internal requirements are presented.

The key conclusion of this study is that LED lighting can provide up to 69% energy savings when compared to metal halide lighting while maintaining similar average light levels when used for exterior parking lot lighting. The LED lighting also has the benefit of distributing a more uniform light in the parking lot, making it a good choice when security is a concern or high priority. When the LED lights serve as interior display lights, they highlight certain areas well because of their directional property. Proper design of the heights, locations and orientations of LED display/track lights is essential to take advantage of this directional property. The greatest benefit LED lighting provides to retail stores is the longer lamp life compared to halogen lamps which leads to lower maintenance and replacement costs. With the trend of lowering cost and higher efficiency, LED is an excellent lighting source for various exterior and interior applications.

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