LED Lighting Helps Mishka’s Café Save Energy

Sinisa Novakovic, owner of Mishka’s café in downtown Davis, had two goals for the recent lighting upgrade in his café: create a cozy, inviting atmosphere for customers and save energy. In the main seating area alone he was able to cut his lighting energy use 85% by upgrading to LED lighting.

Throughout the rest of the café, energy consumption for lighting has been cut in half, reducing Mishka’s annual energy use by over 10,000 kWh and saving Novakovic nearly $2,000 every year in energy costs. The lighting upgrade will have paid for itself after just eight months, and because LEDs last up to fifty times longer than older light sources, the change is saving Novakovic in other ways, too.

Read the full report:   http://cltc.ucdavis.edu/sites/default/files/files/publication/case-study-mishkas-cafe-davis.pdf

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