LED Technology Slashes Electricity Use

As part of ongoing activities for Beaumont Health System that include Facility Management and Energy and Sustainability Services (ESS), Jones Lang LaSalle has been asked to keep the hospital apprised of prospective new sustainable technologies as they emerge. As part of that process, we had learned about a breakthrough Heat Spreader™ technology used by the Future Energy Group LLC to limit the junction box temperature far below previous “normal” levels, allowing for the modules to run at only one degree C above ambient temperature. Keeping circuit boards cooler enables 100,000+ hour fixture life and increased efficiency – which translates into higher output – enabling lower wattage output to be used in many commercial applications.

Read the full report:   http://www.leepcampaign.org/uploads/7/4/8/7/7487823/jll_article_6_led_tech.pdf

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