Emergency LED Mini Wall Pack Light – (6 PCS) CASE PACK



Emergency LED Mini Wall Pack – Injection-molded, flame-retardant and high impact thermoplastic housing. This wall pack is great for placing on doorways, aisles, restaurants, office buildings and warehouses.



  • Power Consumption : 4.8 W max
  • Output : Super Bright COB LED 12W
  • Working Voltage: 120V – 277V 60Hz
  • Emergency Lumen: 400 Lm
  • Lumen: 1000 Lm
  • Conversion Time:< 0.2 Second
  • Efficacy:0.86
  • Battery: 4.8V 1800 mAh Nickel Cadmium Battery
  • Recharge Time:24 Hours
  • Emergency Duration:≥90 Mins
  • Working Temperature :0ºC ~ 40ºC
  • Certification :UL
  • Warranty: 2 years


Working Voltage 120/277V  |  60Hz
Power Consumption 4.8W max
Output Super bright COB LED 12W
Battery 4.8V 1800mAh Nickel Cadmium Battery
Lumens 1000lm
Emergency Lumens 400lm
Conversion Time <0.2 seconds
Emergency Duration 90 minutes
Recharge Time 24 hours
Protection Level IP65
Operation Temperature 0ºC ~ 40ºC
Certification UL
Finish Dark bronze
Cable Input connect, no cable
Warranty 2 years, limited

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Knowledge Base

What are the different types of emergency lighting?

1). There are two main types of emergency lighting: (i) emergency escape lighting; (ii) standby lighting (p. 2). Emergency escape lighting is defined as “that part of emergency lighting that is provided to enable safe exit in the event of failure of the normal supply”.

What are the two modes of emergency lighting?

Emergency luminaires come in two modes of operation: maintained and non-maintained.

What is the difference between maintained and sustained emergency lights?

Non-maintained lights turn on only during a power failure. Maintained lights work continuously and continue to illuminate during a power failure, enabling them to function as both a standard light and an emergency light.

What is the difference between escape lighting and emergency lighting?

A noticeable difference between the emergency and escape lighting is the operating time.. The escape lighting should have a longer operating time of 2 hours from the basic lighting failure. For the emergency lighting, the required time is at least 1 hour.

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